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Nagyvillám étterem
2025 Visegrád, Feketehegy
(N 47°47.750 E 18°59.427)




From traditional to gourmet

Our menu is made up of Hungarian national dishes with a traditional taste, but we also  serve light, Mediterranean-style  meals with fresh, organic ingredients fried or grilled to accommodate today\'s expectations.     

Most of the seasoning we use is home-grown and picked fresh in the bio garden of the restaurant. Our meals are prepared with an array of spices combined with professional care and insight showing signs  of the Provance-style.

The local gastronomy is characterised by game locally bred, so easily available, pork, beef, poultry; and  a wide selection of mushrooms and fruits. Guests preferring traditional Hungarian dishes and tourists visiting from another part of the world will find a meal on our menu that matches their taste. 

We hope that the professional combination of tradition and modern cuisine seasoned with a bit of creativity will meet the expectations of our kind customers. 

Master Chef – János Limbert

The menu offered in NagyVillám Restaurant created by our master chef and one of the owners, János Limbert.

János already hosted the Hungarian President of the Republic, Árpád Göncz, the Emperor of Japan, the Duke of Anjou and the Prince family of Bahrein.



Specialities of our house

Our specialities are the game and forest mushroom meals. It is worth trying these unique dishes. 

The preparation of meals made of game meat requires special expertise so that all fine flavours may be recognised and appreciated. Our master chef prepares the these meals  with the highest care. 

Game meat by nature is the healthiest, low fat meat, rich in nutrients, protein and vitamins. 

Try the specialities of the house!


Our master chef recommends:

Wild ragout soup Pilis style with tarragon and cream


Hazelnut mountain venison fillet Hunter’s Art
We rub the fillet with our secret formula consisting of seeds and spices then marinate it in oil. We enrich the Spanish sauce with goose-liver,  bolete and we garnish it with potato doughnut.


Hunter’s Platter for one
Full cast and crew: venison Hunter’s Art, wild boar stew, crispy duck leg,  roasted potatoes, steamed cabbage, potatoe croquettes



 Venison steak a la King Matthias
Roasted and marinated venison steak with creamy forest mushroom sauce and  fried potatoes filled with cottage cheese


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Saturday: 11:30-18:00
Sunday: 11:30-17:00
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2025 Visegrád, Feketehegy
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