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Nagyvillám Restaurant
Hungary, 2025 Visegrád, Feketehegy
(N 47°47.750 E 18°59.427)




Team building activities are useful for improving team dynamics, building trust, facilitating communication and teamwork.  Here are some short and long activities.These are able to adapt for after school programs, corporate meetings, or youth programs.  For more team building games, please ask for offer!

„Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful thing can be achieved.”
/ Reinhold Messner/

Coctails for teams!

Cocktail team building is a fantastic way to engage and strengthen your team, they will be having so much fun they won’t even realise the benefits you are getting out of it!

It is a competiton by learning the art of coctails. We provide the ingredients and tools you will use to have fun with alcohol or alcohol free drinks.

What to learn?

Productivity, agility, creativity and teamwork is neccessary to ensure that your team will make the quick, colorful and tasty coctails and win the competiton.


Outdoor and Indoor Programmes - Canopy and other

You need to try Hungary’s first canopy course to understand why it has been built in Visegrád. The starting point is in the Nagyvillám Resturant. During the slide down between the first few pillars, a magnificent scene unfolds before the enthusiasts of extreme sports: the ruins of the citadel, the Danube Bend, the view of the Börzsöny and Pilis mountains. The wire rope course leads through 11 pillars until the Mogyoróhegy, always operating at tree crown height. At the terminal, minibuses are waiting for the participants to drive them back to the starting point.



The Canopy programme can be linked to other outdoor and indoor programmes and team building activities:




Challange, fitness, creativity!
Mission: "hunting" with arrow, canopy, quest with map, 
Duration: 2-3  hours




Treasure hunt in Visegrád at historic sites.
Knowledge, awareness, creativity.

Duration: 2-3 hours




Mission: archery, other ancient trial tasks
Duration: 1 hour




Cooking competition in groups.




Treasure hunt with GPS in Pilis hills.
Duration: 2-3 hours
For min. 10 people.




Having fun with quad.



...and more programmes available!
Ask for offer!


(+3626) 398 070, (+3630) 424 4427, (+3630) 278-3253
e-mail: info@nagyvillam.en
Call for information is recommended before
reservation applied.


Saturday: 11:30-18:00
Sunday: 11:30-17:00
(excluded group reservations and events)


Our Restaurant keeps a free parking for our guests.


We accept the following coupons:

Sodexo, Erzsébet utalvány, Check dejeuner, Ticket Restaurant, SZÉP Kártya, Üdülési csekk

2025 Visegrád, Feketehegy
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